Tackle Boar Taint and Control Unpleasant Odors

A European declaration of intent to end surgical castration of male piglets by January 1st, 2018 has been signed. From July, 1st 2016 on, piglets will have to be given analgesics at castration to avoid post-surgery pain in Canada (Canadian National Farm Animal Care Council).

For economical and ethical reasons, stopping castration of male piglets would be of major interest. From a production perspective, males are leaner and more feed efficient than castrates.

Hypor is working on the selection of boars with a reduced incidence of boar taint. We started our analyses with Hypor Maxter, our fastest growing pietrain sire line. Out of the samples collected so far, we could estimate that the frequency of tainted carcasses was below 1%, which is much lower than the frequency commonly observed in Europe.

Read the Whitepaper on How To Tackle Boar Taint and Control Unpleasant Odors.


Florence Ytournel

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