Sunnyside Colony of Manitoba Awarded!

Hypor’s philosophy of balanced breeding focuses on optimizing both the quantity and quality of pigs produced by our customers. And the effectiveness of our breeding program is proven by the success of our customers. So today we would like to thank and recognize one of our many amazing customers – Sunnyside Colony of Manitoba.


This July, Sunnyside Colony, who uses Hypor’s Libra dam line and Hypor’s Magnus Duroc terminal line, won the 2014 Maple Leaf Performance Award for Top Overall Signature Producer from Manitoba.

This is a great accomplishment on its own but when you consider that just one week later they were awarded Hypor’s Kenlis Cup for top producer in North America after weaning 31.23 pigs per mated female in 2013...

You can see they are not only producing excellent finishing and grading hogs, they are producing a lot of them!

Congratulations to Joe, Joseph Jr., Jonah, Elliot and Cort!