Hypor and Gène-Alliance Celebrate Decades Together As Business Partners Offering Quebec Pork Producers the Best in Genetics

Hypor’s largest genetic distributor in Canada, Gène-Alliance Inc., is celebrating 20 years of genetic service in the Quebec pork market—home to more than 300,000 sows. "Our lines are tailor made to meet the "Quebec Quality" classification grid, which enables our producers to maximize their revenue," says Gène-Alliance CEO Christian Blais.

Gène-Alliance runs its business under the motto: Genetic choice—Economic choice. Because of this motto, Gène-Alliance chose to partner with Hypor. Hypor provides product and support for Gene-Alliance’s Multiplication herd system producing Libra Star and Hypor Magnus boar program. The strong overall production on the farm keeps the cost of production low while the superior carcass and meat quality traits of the Magnus Duroc help to create high value products for both domestic and export markets.

“Gene-Alliance is a very professional and effective distributor,” says Hypor Sales and Technical representative Canada Gilbert De Roy. “They bring a very strong understanding of the unique cultural and production environment in Québec.” Through its association with Shur-Gain/ Nutreco and its shareholders Isoporc, Couture and Robitaille who are actively involved in swine production, Gène-Alliance has carved an enviable niche in Canada with market shares in the Quebec market of nearly 25% in both female and male lines.

Gène-Alliance offers a variety of products lines that must be evaluated in terms of the Quebec production context and its rearers' constraints. In order to help producers, Gène-Alliance makes it its duty to demonstrate, with the help of reliable data, the different characteristics at both zootechnical and carcass quality level. Furthermore, the management of biosecurity at all levels has always been a constant priority, guaranteeing our customers' highest health standards.