Hypor Kanto Featured at New Experience Center at Nice Garden Pork Processor, Taiwan  

The Hypor Kanto duroc, and the role that genetics play in food production, are featured at the new state-of-the-art Experience Center at the Nice Garden Industrial Co., Ltd—a vertical integration pork processing plant in Taiwan.  

“The Experience Center is a unique way to bridge the gap between the farm and the consumer,” says Hypor Asia sales manager Bart Vercoulen. Three of Nice Garden’s largest suppliers are featured in the museum to introduce visitors to today’s humane livestock breeding practices and quality meat production.

The Hypor Kanto display demonstrates the role that genetics play in producing quality pork—pork that has a high amount of marbling and the superior color and water holding capacity desired by Nice Garden’s clientele.


Nice Garden believes that transparency—from genetics to food preparation—is key to minimizing today’s food scares and concerns. A popular part of the Experience Center is a window that overlooks the processing plant. Visitors are able to watch employees work in a modern-day, sanitary slaughterhouse.

In addition to telling the farm-to-plate story, the museum-like center boasts a restaurant and a conference room that are decorated with pig sculptures and art.

  “We are very pleased to be a part of the Experience Center,” Vercoulen says. He adds that the vision of the Nice Garden Experience Center goes hand-in-hand with Hypor’s vision for sustainability.

“Hypor has a unique responsibility to develop balanced pigs that meet today’s welfare standards,” Vercoulen explains. “The Experience Center is a way for us to tell consumers that we are listening to their concerns and that we take animal welfare seriously.”

“The Experience Center is a great opportunity to establish a transparent relationship with the consumer,” he says. “At the end of the day, we want consumers to enjoy a premium product that they trust.”