JapfaHypor Genetics Company

Hypor has established a successful joint venture with Japfa, an Asian feed company in Vietnam. The Japfa Hypor Genetics Company (JHGC) was formed two years ago and opened a state-of-the-art nucleus pig farm in Binh Long, Vietnam in 2012; the first of its kind in the country. Since then, the groundwork for successful operations has gone from strength to strength. Japfa Hypor showcased this progress in a presentation for potential customers at the ILDEX exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City,  Vietnam in March this year.


Construction of the 700 sow nucleus farm was finished in the summer of 2012.


Personnel conduct a heat check amongst the sows. 


In March 2014, Japfa Hypor organized its own seminar for potential customers during the ILDEX exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In addition to various speakers, there was a traditional dance performance.


In August 2012, Japfa Hypor Genetics Company (JHGC) celebrated the grand opening of the brand new 700 sow high health pig breeding farm located in Binh Long in the southern part of Vietnam.


There is a strict hygiene policy in effect. The barns are connected by a covered aisle - and clean corridor. Employees spend 25 days on the farm and then have six days off. Before they can return to work in the barns, the workers must stay in quarantine.


The Hypor breeding stock consists of the two dam lines: Hypor Large White and Hypor Landrace and two sire lines: Hypor Maxter and Hypor Magnus. With this product portfolio built on Hypor’s strategic pure lines, top genetics are now available for the Vietnamese pork value chain.


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