Hypor Continues to Grow Presence in the Americas with New Import to Guatemala

As part of its expansion throughout the Americas, Hypor imported 299 GGP pigs to its newest distributor, Sanucasa, in Guatemala on February 2, 2017. 

Sanucasa is a company that distributes agriculture products for brands such as ACO Funki, Merial, Monsanto, Nutec, Quatchem and Vetanco. They will supply Hypor breeding stock for pork producers in Guatemala as well as to other countries in Central America. “This partnership is a great opportunity for Hypor because it opens the doors to the rest of Central America,” says Hypor Americas key account manager Nelson Restrepo Echavarria. He adds that this partnership will allow Hypor to supply genetics for up to 30 percent of the swine market in Guatemala.


The partnership is part of Hypor’s goal to contribute to the development of the Central American swine industry by supplying high genetic value animals, such as the Hypor Maxter. The Hypor Maxter is a very good fit for the Guatemalan market. It is the fastest growing piétrain in the world and is highly feed efficient.


It is because of the animal quality and the support in research and development that Sanucasa partnered with Hypor. Sanucasa signed a contract in August 2016 with Hypor to exclusively raise and sell Hypor genetics. As part of the agreement, Sanucasa built a nucleus facility for the animals and will use their extensive sales network to market Hypor genetics. “Sanucasa is very excited to join the animal genetic sector and to promote Hypor genetics,” Restrepo says. In addition to supplying the genetic stock, Hypor also provides the breeding program and technical support to help Sanucasa manage their population.


“Successful partnerships with distributors, like Sanucasa, are how Hypor is able to successfully grow and expand throughout the Americas,” Restrepo says. Hypor currently has a strong presence in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico and has partners in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and is expanding its reach to include Peru, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. As a leader in swine genetics, Hypor’s goal is to provide high quality genetics and innovative solutions to pork producers throughout the Americas and the world.