The Hendrix Genetics Research & Technology Center

We, as Hypor, are proud of our multi-species background. All is centered in our Research & Technology Center.

First to market with Genomic Selection

The Hendrix Genetics Genomics Laboratory is the central location for all molecular DNA work in all divisions of Hendrix Genetics. Blood and tissue samples from the divisions and their customers are shipped to France. The DNA samples are used for in-house analysis and genotyping. 

Another possibility is that the samples are sent to international service laboratories for low, medium and high density SNP genotyping and whole genome re-sequencing. Results of genotyping and DNA sequencing are sent to geneticists of Hendrix Genetics for use in the breeding programs of the breeding divisions or in customer breeding programs.

The synergy advantages made us the first to market with Genomic Selection.

Read all about it in the Hendrix Genetics Factsheet.