Hypor Breeders Sent to Sri Lanka

Hypor successfully exported breeders to the National Livestock Development Board (NLDB) of Sri Lanka. The animals were carefully selected in Canada in order to comply with the local breeding goals set by the NLDB.

Febuary 2015

The shipment was escorted by DVM Raymond Qu of Hypor’s organization in China. He looked after the well-being of the animals during transport and supported the transfer from Colombo’s international airport Bandaranayke to the quarantine facilities of the NLDB. 

During transit at Hong Kong airport the animals were kept in a conditioned area to keep them comfortable for the onwards journey to Colombo.

The animals arrived in good health and will, after the initial quarantine period, be housed at the farm of NLDB where they contribute to an improved genetic profile of the swine population in Sri Lanka.