Genomic Selection

Genomic Selection, Marker Assisted Selection, Genomic Screening are terms that pop up regularly nowadays and are all related to our increased knowledge and utilization of DNA information.


Focusing on DNA In animal breeding

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a nucleic acid containing the genetic instructions or code used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. The specific DNA segments carrying genetic information about various aspects of an animal are what are called genes.

Animal breeding or genetics is the area of science where experts are trying to influence the frequency of certain genes by combining the most superior (or desired) individuals to be the parents of the next generation. This process is focused on getting improved offspring who in theory should then, on average, be better than the previous generation.

What Will Genomic Selection Bring?

Genomic selection caused a revolution in the animal breeding world, it all started in dairy cattle but also finding its way to the other livestock species. A lot more genetic progress can be expected due the implementation of genomic selection for traits that are measured late in life or are difficult to measure. Especially for the last group of traits, genomics can offer a lot more than the conventional animal breeding technologies. 

With Genomic Selection, Hypor has opened up a doorway into genetic development that integrates BLUP and a greater understanding into DNA composition. Our Hypor experts are able to use the within litter genetic variation in our selection process. It will be an enormous step forward in genetic progress, depending on heritabilities it will be 10 to 40 %. Now great grandparent (GGP) piglets of one litter will no longer be anonymous piglets which have an equal expected breeding value. Randomly picking the best pick or an average pig will no longer be common practice. Future pigs will have their own genomic breeding value based on their own unique pattern of DNA-markers. This genomic breeding value will predict with a quite high accuracy what this pigs genes are worth for breeding.

Hypor animation - Creating value for the pork chain

Have a look at our movie. It explains the links in the pork value chain and how Hypor creates value for each of these links with its breeding program based on Genomic Selection, a new technology using DNA information for natural selection.