MAX'ing Capacity

Increase total system profitability with Hypor's MAX'ing Capacity philosophy starting today.

MAX'ing Capacity


MAX’ing Capacity is linking the factors that influence total system profitability. It focuses on maximizing the bottom line instead of focusing on maximizing performance in a single trait or phase.

Everything is connected. Performance in one phase has connections upstream and downstream. Cost, revenue and performance are also interconnected. For simplicity, we’ve divided the pork value chain into three main pillars with each three key success factors to improve profitability throughout the pork value chain:

Weaning Capacity 
Everything from breeding to weaning:

solid sow performanceproven sow efficiency 


Finishing Capacity
Which covers finishing to marketing:
improved cost efficiencyuser friendly


Meat Capacity
Encompassing hog- to pork marketing:
optimising yieldsupporting society's needsanswering consumer needs