Animal Welfare

Just as respect towards our employees and customers, Animal Welfare is important to us. That is why we have adopted Code-EFABAR. 


Code-EFABAR is a voluntary code of good practice for responsible farm animal breeding. An Important part of a sustainable and healthy food supply chain. By following the Code, breeding organizations are demonstrating that they are committed to supporting a sustainable future. 

We, Hypor, stand at the beginning of the food chain. We have a direct task to provide responsible and healthy livestock to our customers. 

Code-EFABAR is designed to provide breeding organizations with a practical guide and tool to help achieve sustainable and balanced farm animal breeding whilst delivering improved transparency for wider society. It is based on practical codes of conduct to ensure optimal food safety and public health, animal health and welfare, resource efficiency, reduced environmental impact and product quality. 

Hendrix Genetics recently renewed their Code-EFABAR and we are proud to tell it to the world!

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