The overall breeding goal of Hypor is to produce pigs that thrive under all conditions to support pork production at least cost. To support this goal we aim for:

1. The fastest genetic improvement, the most efficient and a secure gene flow
2. The best genes in a biologically balanced & economically profitable animal of
3. A well-balanced product portfolio of sire and dam lines to meet market demands

Hypor creates value for the pork chain

Hypor's breeding philosophy is based on the factors that influence total system profitability. It focuses on maximizing the bottom line of the total system instead of focusing on maximizing performance in a single trait or phase. It is based on the understanding that everything is connected.

Have a look at our movie. It explains the links in the pork value chain and how Hypor creates value for each of these links with its breeding program based on Genomic Selection, a new technology using DNA information for natural selection.