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We, as Hypor, are proud of our multi-species background. The synergy advantages gave us for example the world primeur to be first to market with Genomic Selection. And you can expect more from all of us!

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Hendrix Genetics philosophy

Hendrix Genetics has combined its experience and dedication to become a pioneering, value-adding provider of breeding and genetics for animal production. 

For many years Hendrix Genetics has maximized its roots in farming to develop the multispecies breeding solutions of today. By addressing the growing need for food and the increasing constraints on resources, Hendrix Genetics is dedicated to generating solutions that solve the challenges of today and those that we cannot ignore for tomorrow. 

Always in tune with market conditions, Hendrix Genetics will continue to push collaboration to achieve scientific progress that is tailored to shifting agriculture and aquaculture markets, both locally and globally. Backed by a strong portfolio of leading brands, Hendrix Genetics is set with strong foundations of expertise and resources that will support the development of sustainable and innovative solutions in the future. 

With respect and care for people, animals and the environment, it is clear that now – more than ever before – Hendrix Genetics is ready and dedicated to delivering...

Better Breeding Today, Brighter Life Tomorrow